Comprehensive Testing Services

In addition to KEMET’s customized reliability offerings, when your testing needs go above and beyond, KEMET has you covered as well. We have a wide range of testing services available to ensure the highest levels of reliability and process control to ensure virtually no failures in truly mission-critical applications. Testing covers a number of electrical parameters as well as mechanical and process and material tracking.

Our state-of-the-art test and measurement techniques are complemented by our dedicated and experienced test personnel. Our components find their primary use in electrical systems but it takes much more than electronics-minded people to manufacture these passive components. KEMET has a large number of materials science and chemistry experts that understand the behavior of the compounds down to the most fundamental level.

KEMET has been in the business of manufacturing components for a century. We have a century of experience in component manufacturing, that gives us unique knowledge in the intricacies pertaining to component manufacturing at a large scale with beyond-six-sigma process control.

KEMET Portfolio