With a trend to increased functionality in the same or smaller spaces, and industry and consumer demand for portable solutions, the PCB real estate available for electronics, including power delivery systems, is shrinking. KEMET’s new surface mount safety certified ceramic capacitors offer smaller form factors to save space and simplify manufacturing versus competing leaded devices in AC line filtering applications. CAS series capacitors have a 250 VAC rating, support 2.5 kV and 5 kV impulse voltages and are fully compliant with IEC 60384-14 for capacitors that are to be connected to AC mains. They are available with C0G and X7R dielectrics in classes X1/Y2 and X2 with an operating temperature up to 125oC. These devices are available in a capacitance range from 3.0 pF to 22 nF with tolerances from ±0.5 pF to ±20%. For more information, log onto www.kemet.com/safety.