Polymer Automotive Capacitors T598 (125ºC)
New solution for Defense and Aerospace segment by adding Sn/Pb Termination and Surge Options

During the last few years the Defense and Aerospace segment‘s interest in automotive grade products has increased. The boarder type of applications and requirements in the segment, in  combination with a clear product hierarchy definition and recommendation from KEMET, determined the need to offer our T598 (125ºC) Automotive Grade with special H termination (Sn/Pb) and specific Surge Options at room temperature. In near future KEMET will include also  the T termination(100% Tin) with Surge Options and expand the surge testing capabilities to the 10 cycles  -55ºC/85ºC.

In the Defense and Aerospace segment, the promotional, placement and technology adoption activities with the polymer portfolio has considered the Polymer Automotive Grade for Avionics and Defense usage as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Defense and Aerospace Segment – Polymer Technology – Recommended Series

In order to support specific customer requirements, the AEC-Q200 Qualified T598 (125ºC) portfolio, is now extended to include specific the H (Sn/Pb, min 5% Pb) termination option and the special surge screening at room temperature with 10 cycles.

The initial defense and avionics offerings include all the existing T598 CVs has partial presented in Figure 2. The capacitance range from 1.5 µF to 470 µF and the rated voltage from 2.5 V to 50 V.

Figure 2: T598 (125ºC) – Product Offering – Mil/Aero Features – Example

The offering includes all the existing case sizes in T598 (125ºC) series (See figure 3).

Figure 3: T598 (125ºC) – Product Offering – Mil/Aero Features Case Sizes

Due to the H termination the recommended reflow profile follow old SnPb Assembly reflow procedures, described in Figure 4.

Figure 4: T598 (125ºC) – Product Offering – Mil/Aero Features – Recommended Reflow Profile

The new T598 (125ºC) series product capabilities (H termination) are subject to change control and PPAP, although is important to note that are NOT RoHS or End of Life Vehicle compliant due to the content of Lead (CAS # 7439-92-1) in the termination.

In near future KEMET plans to release to market the combination of T (100% tin) termination with surge options and expand the 100% surge screening to the 10cycles at -55ºC and 85ºC.

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