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Message to Customers

Read what YAGEO Group Co-Chief Executive Officer, William M. Lowe, Jr., is sharing with customers during this difficult time.
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KEMET’s Statement on COVID-19

Last updated on August 26, 2021

For more than 100 years, KEMET’s mission has been to make the world a better, safer, more connected place. Part of that mission is ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed as ever to keeping their health and safety a priority. We are complying with all local, state, and government requirements and will continue to do so as they evolve.

Additionally, KEMET’s Leadership Team is closely monitoring the status of the outbreak and its potential adverse impact on our operations. We understand our customers are concerned about this. Rest assured, our leadership, manufacturing, sales, and customer service teams are working diligently to maintain business continuity while following lawful and effective health and safety measures. KEMET remains committed to serving our customers around the world. Our customer service team is fully operational, and we have made plans to maintain our operations and serve all our customers at this time. Customers should expect to see no changes in the level of our service they have come to expect from us.

Global Operations

Our manufacturing plants in the Americas, Asia, and Europe are steadfast in meeting the demand for our components with increased safety and health protocols for all employees. Every region is experiencing the severity of COVID-19 differently. As a result, we’re monitoring and complying with local, state, and government requirements and mandated orders regarding our manufacturing facilities.
Corporate and Sales Offices

We have instituted a work from home order and closed our corporate and sales offices in North America and Europe. In Asia, the same work from home order has been instituted in offices as needed. In accordance with local, state, and government mandates, some offices are closed. We’ll continue to monitor the situation to make the right decision for the health and safety of our employees.

Our IT department is working to ensure business continuity for our employees and contractors through secure connections to our systems and access to necessary equipment (headset, monitor, dock, etc.) while working from home.

Employee Safety and Well-Being

As the COVID-19 virus spread to KEMET’s global locations, we have responded by enacting the following health and safety measures for all our employees in order to protect themselves, their families, and those who interact with them face-to-face. We are also following all guidelines and protocols issued by local, state, and government authorities.

Travel Restrictions

International business travel will continue to be approved by the CEO based on current guidance within each country. Domestic business travel (applicable within in country) will require approval from the respective BG/BU/Functional Heads.

Any business or personal travel by employees requires notifying their HR contact. Employees may be required to follow a 7 -10 day quarantine, depending on their mode of travel, vaccination status, and result of COVID test.

These travel restrictions will be extended if deemed necessary to maintain employee health and safety. KEMET will continue to monitor the situation closely and extend the travel restriction as needed.

Visitor Restrictions

Site visits by external visitors (customers, supplies, etc.) must follow guidelines established and should be reviewed by Human Resources and approved by BG/BU/Functional Heads.

Enhanced Disinfection and Precautionary Procedures

Local HR personnel have enhanced their disinfection procedures for all public spaces (bathrooms, canteens, conference rooms, etc.) at their respective KEMET locations. Additionally, we have instituted daily temperature monitoring for all employees prior to entering the facility. Information on preventing infection has been dispensed in offices and facilities. Employees are required to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for reducing the spread of COVID-19, including proper hand washing or using hand sanitizer if necessary, avoiding handshakes or other forms of physical contact, and keeping a social distance of six feet (two meters). Additionally, appearances at tradeshows and in-person events hosted by KEMET have been cancelled or postponed until further notice.

In the Event of a Confirmed COVID-19 Case or Mandated Shutdown of Facilities

If a KEMET employee, their family member or other persons living with them tests positive for COVID-19, it is required that they communicate this to their local HR contact. It is required that the employee follows a 10-day minimum quarantine (depending on vaccination status and COVID test result) from KEMET facilities. This quarantine may be extended by HR based on the recovery period of the employee or persons living with the employee. For the employee, clearance by a doctor is required to return to work. Additionally, an employee quarantined from a KEMET facility immediately initiates daily temperature monitoring for all employees prior to entering the facility. Management will then assess the risk and determine if a mandatory temporary shutdown of the facility is warranted. If closure of a facility is mandated by government regardless of a confirmed COVID-19 case, KEMET will comply. Employees will be paid during any KEMET-mandated quarantine period or in accordance with local legislation.

While this situation is unprecedented, we are rapidly adapting to safeguard the health and safety of our employees while serving our customers and suppliers to the level they expect. This year marks our 102nd year, and we have endured a lot as a company while still maintaining our core values and mission to make the world a better, safer, more connected place to live. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, that will not change. We will continue to keep our customers updated on any changes to our business operations and product supply.

All of us at KEMET thank you for your patience during this very challenging situation.

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