Technology Selection

DC-link capacitors act as an intermediary DC smoothing stage between AC stages. The intermediate DC step allows noise-reduced power transfer when converting between AC sources of different power, voltage, or frequency conditions. DC-link capacitors often experience high slew rates which can be detrimental if a suitably robust capacitor is not selected. DC-link capacitors are often found in power inverters, motor drives, and high-power charging circuits. Capacitor technologies are sometimes mixed in DC-link applications to target noise and transients that may need multiple stages of filtering.


Film DC-link capacitors are known for their capability to self-heal and multi-kV capability. C4AK offers the highest operation life of the lineup. It is capable of 1000 hours at 135 degrees Celcius. Film DC-link capacitors are available with AEC-Q200 certification and are capable of passing the 85C/85% temperature-humidity-bias test for the required 1000 hours.