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KEMET K-SIM is a parameter simulation tool to help aid design engineers in analyzing the performance of these capacitors over frequency, temperature, ripple, and DC bias conditions.

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K-LEM: Life Expectancy Model v1.0 BETA

BETA: This calculator is used to calculate the estimated life of power film capacitors. This first in the industry tool considers voltage, temperature, and humidity to calculate the life expectancy of film capacitors.

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Inductor Core Loss Calculator

This calculator can be used to calculate power dissipation due to non-idealities in the inductor core material. The core loss can be used to calculate total power dissipation and subsequent temperature rise.

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KEMET Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Life Calculator

Based on your application’s conditions, this tool can calculate the life for a specific KEMET Aluminum Electrolytic capacitor.

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This calculator software is intended to follow the calculations spelled out in this handbook for the specific part types that KEMET manufactures.

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SSD Configuration Calculator

Selecting capacitors for SSD Hold-Up applications isn’t as simple as the one with the “biggest cap.” Instead, you need to take into account the space that is available and the energy necessary.
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Aging Calculator for Ceramics

Aging calculator for ceramic capacitors. Enter key parameters: referee time, aging rate, capacitance, and tolerance code, and receive a table and chart of the expected capacitance.
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K-SIM 3.0 Pre-built Projects

Power Inductor Temperature Rise

A comparison between two metal composite power inductors and how much they heat up under operating conditions.

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Capacitor Temperature Rise

A simulation of the expected temperature rise of capacitors under operating conditions.

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Capacitor ESR Comparison

A comparison of the different impedance and ESR responses under operating conditions.

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Capacitor DC Bias Comparison

A comparison of how different capacitors are affected by applied DC bias and how much capacitance changes due to voltage.

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Temperature Bias Effect

A comparison of how different ceramic dielectrics change under different temperature conditions.

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Ceramic Aging

A simulation of the aging effect for class II ceramic capacitors.

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Wide Bandwidth Decoupling

A decoupling network comprised of a diverse group of capacitors to attain sub-miliohm impedance from 2.6 kHz to 526 MHz.

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Life Expectancy Model

Life expectancy model for film capacitor under different operating conditions.

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