Downloading 3D Capacitor Models (STEP Files) | Ask An FAE #8

Downloading 3D Capacitor Models (STEP Files) | Ask An FAE #8

Friday, April 21st, 2017

KEMET’s website provides part number-specific STEP files for our capacitors. In this episode, James shows the different kinds of mechanical data we have available for most of our capacitor families. Whether you need a land pattern, dimensions, or even a 3D model, they can all be found using our search engine,

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Episode Key Points

  • Family Level Datasheets contain:
    • Component Pictures
    • Markings
    • Dimensional Drawings
    • Recommended Land Patterns (Surface Mount)
    • Construction Diagrams (Exploded View)
    • Material Sets Used
  • KEMET provides part number specific STEP files
  • Search for capacitor STEP files at

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