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Tantalum Polymer Surface Mount Capacitors: Expanding to Portfolio with 150ºC Capability

In 2015, technical breakthroughs allowing full AEC-Q200 qualification of tantalum polymer capacitors have addressed concerns with capability and safety.  Alleviation of these concerns have come at a time when market drivers such as connectivity and self-driving functionality are requiring better capacitance solutions for the various CPU, logic, and input rails. In regards to battery direct application, a significant number of transient pulse capabilities have been publish to support design in. Now, KEMET is expanding the Tantalum product portfolio to a 150ºC maximum operational temperature that will provide better capacitance stability, better capacitance retention, lower ESR, higher ripple handling, and long life. In this presentation, the product features and electrical performance of new product offerings, including load dump and extended life mission profile capabilities, of these fully qualified 150ºC AEC-Q200 polymer tantalum capacitors will be provided.