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* 汎用MPXシリーズ
* 車載用MPXVシリーズ

発表者:マグネティック・センサ&アクチュエータ事業本部 道家 毅


Language: Japanese

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Solutions for Space-Constrained Applications

August 24 @ 9 a.m. EDT / 3 p.m. CEST

Language: English

Speaker: Jekaterina Stael von Holstein, Field Application Engineer at KEMET.

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车规级直流支撑电容之简介- C4AQ系列

随着新能源汽车,可再生能源的持续发展,对方盒状的直流支撑电容和直流滤波电容要求越来越高,KEMET 推出的高温度, 长寿命,低ESR 值 ,低ESL 值,高纹波电流能力的power box C4AQ 系列,可以满足市场对于高性能直流支撑电容的要求。

主讲 Andy Chen

Language: Mandarin

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Filtering and Power Conversion in HV Green and Industrial Applications

August 31 @ 10 a.m. EDT / 4 p.m. CEST

Language: English

Speaker: Kalin Georgiev, Product Manager at KEMET.

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