Flex Suppressor® Demo | Ask an FAE #5

Flex Suppressor Demo

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Applying Flex Suppressor Solves EMI Issues Quickly

During Electronica 2016, in Munich Germany, Per stopped by one of our Flex Suppressor demo to learn how to quickly solve EMI issues. Wilmer had a demo using simple RF remote controls. One controller is standard: press a button and a LED lights up. The second key-fob, however, contains a secret. Inside, the case has been lined with our flexible Flex Suppressor material. When added to the mix, the signal attenuates enough that the receiver no longer functions (the LED doesn’t work anymore.)

Did I mention that we gave Per the non-working remote?

Our Flex Suppressor comes in a variety of styles for different applications. Unlike some EMI blocking materials, ours is very flexible. It folds as easily as thick paper. From the factory, Flex Suppressor ships as a continuous sheet. We have partners who can help to custom cut sheets to your application’s shape. If you need to solve EMI issues today, you can also order 240cm squares from most distributors.

Episode Key Points

  • Flex Suppressor is a very thin, flexible material
  • µ’ (mu-prime) is the energy stored as inductance
  • µ’’ (mu-double prime) represents energy absorbed as heat
  • Per doesn’t like tricks being played on him

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