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KEMET’s KC-LINK surface mount capacitors are designed to meet the growing demand for fast switching wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors that operate at higher voltages, temperatures, and frequencies. By utilizing KEMET’s robust and proprietary C0G/NPO base metal electrode (BME) dielectric system, these capacitors are well suited for power converters, inverters, snubbers, and resonators, where high efficiency is a primary concern.

With extremely low effective series resistance (ESR) and very low thermal resistance, KC-LINK capacitors can operate at very high ripple currents with no change in capacitance versus DC voltage, and negligible change in capacitance versus temperature. With an operating temperature of 150°C, these capacitors can be mounted close to fast switching semiconductors in high power density applications, which require minimal cooling.

KC-LINK C0G dielectric technology also exhibits high mechanical robustness compared to other dielectric technologies, allowing the capacitor to be mounted without the use of lead frames. This provides extremely low effective series inductance (ESL) increasing the operating frequency range allowing for further miniaturization. In addition to commercial grade, automotive grade devices are available and meet the demanding Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC–Q200 qualification requirements.

Complementary Products

Power Inductor


  • High saturation current
  • Inductance range from 0.10 – 100.00 µH
  • Operating temperature up to +155°C

EMI Isolation

Flex Suppressor

  • Radiation noise suppression
  • Wide range frequencies
  • Isolate sub-circuits



  • High saturation current
  • Low core loss
  • Temperature Range from −40°C to +125°C
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