KEMET Adds More AEC-Q200 Capability

James Lewis

Monday, December 21st, 2015


Tantalum-T491V-150ppi-croppedJohn Day’s Automotive Electronics Blog is featuring a post on KEMET’s  recent Automotive-related product introductions. Here’s a summary of the article.

KEMET on John Day’s Automotive

KEMET has been working hard to meet the needs of automotive engineers in recent months. These efforts have resulted in several technology developments that will be of particular interest to design engineers involved with automotive electronic systems.

Firstly, the company made several key developments in automotive grade polymer electrolytic capacitor technology. Recent additions to their high-voltage MLCC’s ArcShield line include new automotive grade parts rated for >500V and an X2-Rated Film capacitor that passes AEC-Q200’s qualification guidelines as well.

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