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Automotive Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)

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Components in automotive applications must be able to endure extreme environmental factors and electrical conditions. Whether the components are used in the drive train, advanced driver assist systems, or infotainment, high reliability and long operational life are critical.

An increasing number of microprocessors are utilized in all automotive systems resulting in the need for smaller components that are able to support higher performance CPUs. Ideal choices include X7R and C0G ceramics which often feature low parasitics such as low ESR and ESL.

High capacitance is available in small packages with KEMET’s T495 Surge Robust MnO2 and T591 High Performance Polymer surface mount capacitors. The T598 Series is the newest polymer electrolytic solution from KEMET with polymer counter electrode fully AEC-Q200 qualified.

Wireless technologies such as in-cabin WiFi and Bluetooth enabled audio benefit from KEMET’s Ceramic HiQ-CBR Series. The Flex Suppressor® EMI Suppression Sheets also play an important factor in eliminating EMI in all of these sensitive systems.

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