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Automotive Polymer Introduction at CARTS 2014

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The use of tantalum capacitors with polymer cathode systems continues to experience wide spread use throughout many industry segments given the many advantages this cathode system offers. Adoption of this technology began within the consumer electronics market with rapid adoption in notebook and desktop computer applications.

Within a short period of time, enterprise and infrastructure industries began using the technology with wide spread usage across many different application areas. During the past five years, polymer tantalum capacitors have gained popularity in medical, avionics and military designs as well given the level of performance and reliability these devices have demonstrated in the field during the past fifteen years.

Today, manufacturers of polymer tantalum capacitors have set their sights on the automotive industry as the next area of growth. This segment of users seeks newer technologies that can offer performance advantages but still meet the requirements for extreme environments and application conditions as defined in the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Q-200 Document for passive component qualification.

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