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High Reliability Principles and Verifications in Solid Tantalum Capacitors – Part B

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This paper is companion to Y. Freeman’s and P. Lessner’s paper [1] introducing a new Flawless Technology with Simulated Breakdown Screening, (F-TECH) for manufacturing MnO2 style Tantalum (Ta) capacitors. This paper focuses on the impact that the end-user’s manufacturing processes have on reliability of Solid Ta capacitors. It demonstrates that depending on the end-user’s techniques and conditions, improvements in the capacitors quality can diminish significantly by unintended damage to the Ta capacitor dielectric during end-user’s manufacturing processes. Among the other factors affecting non-hermetic solid Ta capacitors, exposure to moisture prior to surface mounting can have a strong negative effect on the capacitor reliability. Test results will be provided to measure failure rate differences between conventional and F-TECH solid Ta capacitors. The results provide evidence that the F-TECH process along with the end-user process improvements provide the lowest component failure rates and the highest reliability.

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