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Inductance of Bypass Capacitors

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Have you ever wondered why the same size bypass capacitor is listed with different inductance from different vendors? Do you want to know how some of the major OEMs want the inductance to be determined? Are you interested in knowing how major capacitor vendors measure the inductance? This TecForum will give an overview of how OEMs (Xilinx, SUN) model capacitors, what are the important contributors to a capacitor’s inductance in a real design, as well as how capacitor vendors (AVX, Kemet) do the testing. Participants who want a dialog with the presenters, can attend the panel discussion “Bypass capacitors: how to determine their inductance?”

This is a continuation of the TecForum and panel discussions at DesignCon 2005, Santa Clara, on the same topic held by Sanyo, Taiyo-Yuden, Cisco, Intel and SUN.

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