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Packaging Ceramic DC Link Capacitors for Wide-Bandgap applications

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Wide-bandgap applications need DC Link and decoupling capacitors that can withstand 200°C, work at 1+ MHz switching frequencies, and support up to 2,000 V. KEMET continues to move forward on developing the most advanced ceramic DC Link capacitor technology.

As a member of the PSMA Packaging Committee, Dr. John Bultitude presents the work his team has done to make ultra-stable, highly robust Ceramic DC Link Capacitors available in Leadless stacks.

This presentation was presented at APEC 2017 in Tampa, FL.

Please note, this paper describes a technology under active development. Please contact us for the latest information on this technology and the products it is producing.


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Packaging Ceramic DC Link Capacitors for Wide-Bandgap Applications from KEMET Electronics Corporation


  • Lonnie Jones
  • Buli Xu
  • Jim Magee
  • Reggie Phillips
  • Peter Blais
  • Axel Schmidt
  • John McConnell
  • Galen Miller
  • Allen Templeton
  • George Haddox
  • Joshua Reid
  • Erik Reed
  • Nathan Reed
  • Javaid Qazi
  • Hector Nieves

Additional Information

A companion paper presented by Dr. Gurav covers the development of end-products based on the technology in this presentation.

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