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Powertrain, Chassis & Safety Applications

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Automotive powertrains require capacitors that can withstand harsh temperatures up to 200°C and beyond. KEMET offers high temperature options in ceramic, tantalum and aluminum electrolytic dielectrics. Ceramic capacitors can operate up to 150ºC with X8L and X8R components, while C0G is offered in styles that can withstand up to 200ºC.

X8L and X8R are available with AEC-Q200 qualifications. High temperature tantalum MnO2 capacitors with AEC-Q200 qualifications include the T498 150ºC, T499 175ºC and T500 200ºC.

Axial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitors are available with operational temperatures up to 150ºC. These devices are designed to be vibration resistant and provide both high voltage and high capacitance in a small package with industry-leading low ESR.

Chassis and safety applications require capacitors with high reliability and conservative designs. In a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) the T498 Series Automotive Grade MnO2 150°C offers a solution.

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