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Wide Bandgap Ceramic Capacitor Update – APEC 2017

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Abhijit Gurav presented the latest data we’ve collected on our BME Ceramic DC Link capacitor platform. These C0G ceramic capacitors are designed for high frequency and high-temperature DC Link applications. This update was presented at APEC 2017 in Tampa, FL.

As we see the switching frequency of power converters rise, there is a clear need for a high-frequency and high-temperature capacitor solution. Some designs are looking to place a relatively small ceramic capacitor right at the silicon. These requirements mean these capacitors must withstand temperatures as high as 200°C while responding to frequencies in the MHz range. KEMET’s Ceramic DC Link capacitors are based on our very popular C0G platform.

Our Base Metal Electrode (BME) development provides designers two options. Capacitors based on the ultra-stable C0G dielectric or U2J dielectric. In this presentation, KEMET shows potential packages, capacitances, and rated voltages with these two technologies.


(These slides are hosted on

Wide Bandgap Ceramic Capacitor Update – APEC 2017 from KEMET Electronics Corporation


  • John Bultitude
  • Lonnie Jones
  • Jim Magee
  • Reggie Phillips
  • Peter Blais
  • Axel Schmidt
  • Allen Templeton

Additional Resources

Also presented at APEC was Dr. John Bultitude’s packaging presentation on Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (TLPS). This technology allows for creating leadless stacks which can still be easily reflow soldered to a PCB.

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This work is part of our on-going development efforts. If you are interested in contacting us regarding these technologies, use the contact button and form below.

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