MPEV Datasheet
MPXV Datasheet
MPX Datasheet

METCOM metal composite power inductors have an advantage over traditional ferrite inductors because of the core high saturation flux density, which enables a stronger magnetic field.

The inductor construction characteristics use rounded copper wire surrounded by a sintered magnetic metal composite powder capable of stable inductance across temperature and current. The inductor construction makes it suitable to be used in many DC to DC regulators such as:

  • Switching Mode Power Supplies
  • PC and Servers
  • Foot print compatible

Depending on the application space constraint, current requirements, and inductance needed, the tables found in the Case Size and Part Number System tabs can help you quickly identify a case size needed to support your architecture.

MPV and MPXV Case Sizes (All case sizes are the same for both series, except D1054 is available only for MPXV)

Frequently used with METCOM

Polymer Capacitor

T598 and T599

  • DC-DC bulk capacitance
  • High temperature
  • Long lifetime

ESD Protection

surface mount varistor high temperature 150C

VE Series SMD Varistor

  • Transient overvoltage
  • High temperature
  • Load dump protection

EMI Isolation

flex suppressor noise suppression sheet

Flex Suppressor

  • Radiation noise suppression
  • Wide range frequencies
  • Isolate sub-circuits
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