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Pulse capacitors are defined as polypropylene film capacitors  for applications that use the stable low dissipation factors required  to handle high dV/dt and high ripple currents in power conversion applications. The construction of the pulse capacitor have the following advantages:

Single Metallized Film

  • High energy density
  • High voltage and high current
  • Self-healing

Double Metallized Film

  • Higher dV/dt performance
  • Higher current capabilities
  • Self-healing

Polypropylene Film / Foil

  • Highest peak current support
  • Highest pulse current capabilities
  • No self-healing

Product Highlight

  • New R75H Single Metallized, 125 °C Series
  • R76H Double Metallized, 125 °C Series
  • Automotive (AEC-Q200) and harsh environmental applications.
  • Temperature Humidity Bias Capability: 85°C, 85% RH, 1,000 hours up to 700 VAC – 2,000 VDC Bias
  • R75H Best Performance from the market during Endurance Test at 125 °C, with 2,000 hours up to 700 VAC – 2,000 VDC.
  • R76H has the Highest Irms capability per volume in the industry.

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