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Film Capacitors for Power Factor Correction (PFC) consist of single metallized polypropylene capacitors that help to improve the efficiency of energy conversion systems by controlling the displacement between the reactive and active power and by reducing the  distortion of the fundamental waveform shape caused by the nonlinear circuits.
Pulse capacitors are defined as polypropylene film capacitors for applications that use the stable low dissipation factors required  to handle high dV/dt and high ripple currents in power conversion applications. The construction of the pulse capacitor have the following advantages:

Single Metallized Film

  • High energy density
  • High voltage and high current
  • Self-healing

Double Metallized Film

  • Higher dV/dt performance
  • Higher current capabilities
  • Self-healing

Polypropylene Film / Foil

  • Highest peak current support
  • Highest pulse current capabilities
  • No self-healing

Product Highlight

  • New R71H PFC Single Metallized Radial Automotive-Grade, 125°C Series
  • R75H Single Metallized, 125°C Series
  • R76H Double Metallized, 125°C Series
  • Automotive-grade (AEC-Q200 qualified).
  • R71H: Temperature Humidity Bias Capability: 40°C, 93% RH, 1,000 hours at VDC Rated
  • R75H/R76H: Temperature Humidity Bias Capability: 85°C, 85% RH, 1,000 hours up to 700 VAC and 2,000 VDC Bias
  • R71H: PFC series with longer lifetime at 125°C.
  • R75H: Best Performance from the market during Endurance Test at 125°C, with 2,000 hours up to 700 VAC – 2,000 VDC.
  • R76H: has the Highest Irms capability per volume in the industry.

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