COTS Ceramic Capacitor Upscreen Options


What are COTS Ceramic Capacitors?


KEMET has been a successful supplier of ceramic military product for over 30 years.

Recent customer applications demand the voltage and capacitance capability of commercial surface mount capacitors, but with a reduced or known reliability risk. For these applications, KEMET offers “COTS Grade” Ceramic Capacitors.

COTS Ceramic Capacitors are produced with the same material sets and manufacturing processes as our commercial and automotive grade capacitors. Additional screening, sometimes called “up-screening”, based on MIL-SPEC drawings is available.

Examples of available test levels are shown in Figure 1.

COTS Ceramic Capacitors Upscreen Options

Figure 1 – Up-screening for COTS Ceramic Capacitors

Additional information can be found in the COTS-X7R and COTS-C0G datasheets.

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Thursday, July 23rd, 2015