Quality at KEMET | Ask An FAE #7

Quality at KEMET

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Quality at KEMET

This week we address a slightly non-technical question from an engineer in Belgium. Jan asked about how to differentiate KEMET’s parts regarding quality. We asked Per, our CEO, to answer this question because quality is important to him and his leadership team. Each year, we ship an estimated 36 billion capacitors. Making sure each part is up to our standards is a daunting but not impossible task. Every piece we ship matters, and so everyone at KEMET strives to achieve our quality objectives at the highest level.

Episode Key Points

  • Zero Defects
  • 100% On-Time Delivery
  • Technology Leadership
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Six Sigma Process Capability
  • World-Class Cycle Time Efficiencies

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