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What is KEMET Institute of Technology (KIT)?

KIT is a FREE technology workshop based on classroom instruction and live discussion covering details on how capacitors are made, how they work, and their applications. Seminar topics are geared toward engineers with varying degree of technical complexity.

Who should attend?

Engineers, technologists, designers, and technical decision makers using capacitors in their products will benefit from a KIT seminar.

Where is KIT held?

Around the World!
We hold KITs at both KEMET Facilities and Conference centers. When held at KEMET Factories, we include tours of the manufacturing process, in addition to the technical application training.

In addition to the public events, we can also provide private training to your team. Use the Contact Us form if you’d like to arrange a KIT at a corporate location.

How do I attend?

RSVP with the links above. You’ll receive an email from “” for confirmation after signing-up. If you don’t, send that same address an email so we can verify your resevation.