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A PMIC or Power Management Integrated Circuit is a device that combines a number of voltage regulators into a single chip. A PMIC is usually the primary source of power delivery to all the sub-systems of a circuit. It provides a centralized location for all the voltage rails of a system. PMICs usually have a control interface back to the main processor of a system. With that control interface, the processor can tell the PMIC which voltage rails to turn on and when so that devices are only powered when needed. That level of control usually creates a more robust and efficient system. PMICs usually contain a combination of both switchers and LDOs.

In recent years, the development of “Smart” PMICs has accelerated a great deal. Smart PMICs have a small microcontroller inside that will adjust the internal operating parameters of the PMIC’s rails in order to increase efficiency.

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Friday, January 22nd, 2016