Treat Yourself With Free Modelithics

Mark Laps

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

free modelithic KEMET capacitor models-01

A common question I receive RF ceramic capacitors, CBR, is “Where can I get a circuit model of them?” After releasing the 0505 form factor, that question increased quite a bit. You might have noticed that none of these parts are in K-SIM (our capacitor simulator). Even though K-SIM can generate S-Parameters, we do not support the CBR series.  So, how do you get models for the KEMET CBR Series?

To solve that, we partnered with Modelithics Inc. They are known for measurement-based modeling in microwave and millimeter-wave applications. Using their models, you can accurately simulate your circuit under real world conditions.

One reason I like their tool is that it not only models our capacitor characteristics at high frequencies but also models the impact on your circuit. For example, the model they provide can take into account the pad size or characteristics of the substrate. In other words, they create models using data on our components based on your application.

How to get Modelithics RF Capacitor Models Free

To help understand if these models are right for you, we are sponsoring a FREE, 30-day license for all KEMET CBR capacitor models in the Modelithics library. Nothing beats free, so take advantage. This offer is valid until the end of March 2017, so go ahead and treat yourself!

Click here to learn more about the Modelithics KEMET RF Capacitor models and free trial.