WebSPICE is Now K-SIM!

Wilmer Companioni

Friday, October 23rd, 2015


KEMET’s WebSPICE is now K-SIM!

Ever wonder why KEMET chose the name WebSPICE for their capacitor simulation tool? Well, we did too, and that’s why we decided to change the name to something that better reflects the capabilities of the simulator. K-SIM (which stands for KEMET-Simulator) will now be how we refer to the KEMET component simulator tool.  And no, it was not just a name change, we have also added some features.

K-SIM’s new Features

  • The “Temp Rise” plot now gives the user the ability to enter their operating frequencies.
  • The thermal resistance for the part is now shown in the temp rise plot.
  • Confirmation while sending emails to prevent multiple emails.
  • Disabled boxes when not used to prevent confusion.
  • Added selectable tolerances, termination metals, etc.
  • Added option to show calculated L and C.
  • Decimal values allowed for temperature field, not only just an integer.
  • Adjusted model for T55x Parts.

You can find K-SIM on our Design Tools Page or directly at ksim.kemet.com.

In addition to the K-SIM change, we have continued to add new parts almost on a daily basis, so if the part you’re looking for isn’t in K-SIM come back and check again or drop us a line at ksim@kemet.com.